Commercial Real Estate Owners Using Recycled Water Delivery Services to Increase NOI

Commercial Real Estate Owners Using Recycled Water

As the drought within California continues, the landscape is changing back to what it once was without lush palm trees and over watered grass.  Savvy commercial real estate owners are now finding ways to cut their own water use and increase their net operating income (NOI).  In addition to the many different types of water saving devices for both residential and commercial property owners, many investors are shutting off the sprinklers and turning to a water delivery service, more so a recycled water delivery service!  Such recycled water delivery services  are becoming more popular within California.  The cost effective delivery services can be set up on a regularly scheduled service and merely show up to water each property as needed.   The recycled water is free within certain areas so property owners simply pay for a service fee.  These service fees to each recycled water delivery company are lower than the cost of keeping the sprinklers on every other day and when coupled with the fact that less water promotes less vegetative growth, the costs savings are even greater due to the fact that the landscape doesn’t need the attention it normally would.   The benefits of using recycled water on real estate investments or even on our own homes is rapidly growing and should continue to do so even when California’s snow pack returns to normal levels. Commercial Real Estate Recycled Water

Commercial Real Estate Recycled Water Uses

Commercial Real Estate Recycled Water

Commercial Real Estate using a Recycled Water Delivery Service.


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