Considering The Possibilities Of Commercial Investing As A New Career

When looking into commercial investments it can easily become a daunting undertaking. As a novice or real estate outsider it can seem that the odds are stacked in the favor of those with the experience behind them. However, while there is certainly a learning curve, it is absolutely something one can master with a little bit of dedication and thorough homework. For instance, take a look at the case of a recent purchase of a Dollar Thrifty Rental Car operation out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Dr. Selvin Passen previously had a successful career as a medical doctor of pathology. He is now known as a successful commercial real estate investor. After retiring from medicine Dr. Passen, with the help and vision of a co-investor, began investing in marinas. This business decision proved to be a smart and very lucrative one. He is now known as a lead investor within marinas all around the state of Florida. Through a series of wise investments and equally wise business partners this practitioner of medicine is now a well-respected investor. His story is one of many which allows those of us with some trepidation, and also interest in commercial real estate arena, to see that it is absolutely feasible to become highly successful.

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To continue with the inspiring tales of a doctor-turned-commercial-investor, let us look ahead into one of his most recent purchases. It was recently published that Dr. Passen has made the purchase of a Dollar Thrifty Rental Car operation. This property was last traded in 2003 for 5.45 million dollars. Dr. Passen’s management team purchased this property on his behalf for just at $10.5 million. In just over a decade this property’s value has doubled in value! Dr. Passen and his team of managing investors sees the great value in this property to add to his already impressive portfolio. Revisiting the importance of location with any kind of real estate investment, his investment will surely prove to be a wise choice in years to come. Florida continues to be an extremely popular tourist destination. What better investment could there be than a rental car facility next to a busy airport? Excellent strategy along with a team of dedicated investment advisors is a win-win strategy for sure. This is just another example of how someone who had a dedicated and successful career elsewhere became a savvy commercial real estate investor.

Real estate is one of the smartest investments you can make. The more you learn the smarter your investment decisions. Better investment choices means a greater return on investment. You too could join the ranks of those enjoying a second career that is often less time-consuming and stressful, and also more financially rewarding, than your previous career. If you are retired or considering retiring but don’t want to quit working and making money, then you might

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