Commercial Real Estate Projections for 2016

Viewpoint 2016 report predicts a positive influx in real estate investments in 2016. Because of a drastic increase in jobs and startups in 2015, commercial and office space rentals and property values will soon follow the flow; especially in the European countries where job creation and vacancies are soaring.

Commercial Real Estate on the Rise Again

Commercial Real Estate on the Rise Again

Other important reports of Integra Realty Resources (IRR) Viewpoint 2016 are as follows:

  • There will be a huge demand in office space since it provides longer and more durable benefits for renters. 18.6% of US real estate business will also get at least a 4% increase in Central Business District Class A. And Manhattan, which raked $8.4 billion in its investments last year moved forward to second rank in the US Market. This leads to an increase in price per square foot in the city, which is now at $1,497 and average apartments now sells at least $1,737,565.
  • Condo and multifamily residential units are and will be in demand in 2016. Real estate investors are not into single-family buildings today, as it is more expensive and riskier when a tenant vacates the unit and there is no one to replace the renter. The owner will have to pay for mortgage and utility bills. 90% of real estate properties are now in a redeveloping phase, and 88.7% of multifamily units can expect an influx for the whole year, except those cities that are affected by the fluctuations in oil price.
  • Retail remains strong and will keep going stronger in 2016. Online shopping and everything that is involved in it will keep soaring as well, thanks to omni-channel media marketing. Physical stores are now planning to expand their reach to online consumers especially in Orlando, Boise, and Jacksonville.
  • The industry that faces the biggest threat is the hospitality market; however, hotels and restaurants located in airport and suburban areas will get the highest RevPAR in the next 12 months.

The full report of IRR Viewpoint 2016 includes detailed methodology, real-time statistics, predictions, and charts, covering different industries involving the future of real estate business.

What is Viewpoint?

This is an annual report provided by IRR covering different economies and industries all across the country, which centers on real estate. It shows data, predictions, analysis, market analysis, investment, customer care ratings, leasing trends, valuation, and market conditions.

Take the time to read the Viewpoint to follow trends, maintain an asset, let go of the risk, and make wiser economic strategies regarding your real estate investment. As Michael Welch once said, “Real estate industry is changing constantly, and Viewpoint’s report will follow that change.” Keep yourself updated on real estate trends by keeping up with IRR Viewpoint. Everything in it may not happen but it sure can save your failing commercial property investment.

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Triple Net Lease Market Is Nearing Perfection

While triple net lease (NNN) properties still continue to break prerecession prices, investors’ appetites for NNN properties continue drive up prices and compress cap rates to new historical all-time lows.

Recently Closed Dollar Tree at 5.25% Cap Rate

Recently Closed Dollar Tree at 5.25% Cap Rate

Business Is Good

With cap rates being compressed by higher demand than the market can supply, net leased properties such as JPMorgan Chase, Dollar Tree, McDonald’s, Walgreens and many alike are experiencing new all-time low cap rates in the low 4% or 5% range, according to Nathan Diones, Broker and president of Regioncy Real Estate, a commercial real estate brokerage, based in Yucaipa, CA.

With the looming threat of interest rates on the rise, investors have been gobbling up all types of net leased products consisting of retail, office and industrial.   If the Feds decide to raise interest rates prior to the end of 2015, we could see a pullback on sales until the market adjusts to the new rates.

Regioncy offers both buyer & seller representation for Net Leased Property (NNN).